GROHE X Summit 2023

Caring for water

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Welcome to the inaugural GROHE X Summit hosted on our digital experience platform. The theme for this three-day event is “Caring for water”, which is the ideal on which our brand is founded and which still drives us today. More than ever water is a precious resource, and our relationship with it is as deep and complex as it ever was. We’re delighted to share the thoughts of our guest experts from a wide range of backgrounds on the many ways it supports and sustains us, and how we can continue to harness its powers for the good of all.

Each day of the summit will be devoted to a separate topic. On day 1 we’ll look at urbanization and the future of living. On day 2 we’ll consider sustainability and the buildings of the future. And on day 3 the conversation will focus on health and wellbeing and the many ways water enhances our lives.
The summit is a chance for us to reflect on what we’ve been working on as an industry leader and driver of positive change. But is also a moment to open the conversation to a wide range of voices, from the fields of the arts, medicine, architecture, academia, politics and many more. We hope you find much to interest you and stimulate further discussion. We look forward to our conversations over these three days. May they continue long into the future.